Offering Children a Taste of Alcohol…


How detrimental is this practice in reality?  There is some research to suggest 
that giving your child 'sips' of alcohol can lead to abuse of alcohol in the future
and this, in turn, can lead to behavioral issues in the adolescent years.  

Research has also shown that the children who were given 'sips' of alcohol 
were from families who displayed good, positive parental practices, and had relatively 
strict routines.  

So, what do you all think?  Do you give your children alcohol?  Do you feel like you
are helping them to understand moderation or simply allowing to share a small part 
of the enjoyment you experience.  Or maybe your allowing them to feel 'grown up'. 

This topic makes for an interesting, if a little controversial subject, but there's
a growing amount of research on this so if your interested, have a look around and
let us know what you find!

See this link for more...

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